How to flash the firmware to ESP8266 / WiThumb

  1. Download USB device driver
  2. Download the programmer from here : Win32 binary or Win64 binary
  3. Run the programmer
  4. Select the com port (it varies, depending on your PC) and then click on the “Flash(F)” button.┬áThis will start the programmingesp8266_flasher_1
  5. It will take about 1 minute to finish. The status bar shows the progress.esp8266 flasher
  6. When it is done successfully, the icon at the lower left corner will turn green.esp8266_flasher_3
  • Petri Savolainen

    Is it possible to just use the (Python) esptool? Any pitfalls on that approach? I am on OSX so cannot use no Windows tools…

  • Petri Savolainen

    Is it possible to flash the firmware using Arduino IDE? I tried, but the IDE showed errors from avrdude. Maybe there needs to be some board info entered into Arduino IDE for WiThumb, or a bootloader burned first? Any advice?